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Catholic Mothers

and the Quads

In 2019, the Catholic Mothers Apostolate supported Elle*, mother of three children and pregnant with quadruplets. Along with another charity, the Good Counsel Network, and with the help of the local Parish, we were able to provide Elle with everything she needed to take care of her children. While she was in hospital with her four newborn babies,  we looked after her three older children at home and provided daily meals. When at last the quads came home, we organised a "meal train" so every day a different volunteer would bring supper for all the family; and we had people helping with the housework. This allowed Elle to recover and focus on her precious, tiny babies.

We ensured the newborns had everything they needed: clothes, accessories, nappies; and our volunteers took turns to help Elle feed and cuddle the babies.

We found a van big enough for the family and secured donations to pay for it. 


Aside from this physical support, we also helped Elle and all her family spiritually. During difficult and testing times, "the Catholic Mothers Apostolate reaffirmed my christain beliefs, faith and values at a time when my faith and beliefs were being seriously challenged in the real world and I was beginning to feel confused" (Elle's sister, Jacqueline).

In April 2019 Catholic Mothers organised and catered the children's Baptism, it was a beautiful celebration of life and faith.

"The Catholic Mothers Apostolate has offered our family immense practical assistance while supporting our faith at our greatest hour of need. We are humbled and grateful for their support, as we would definitely have broken down without them!"

*name has been changed to protect the family's privacy

We established a wonderful relationship with Elle and her family and continue in touch with her, she knows she can ask us for help and support whenever she needs it. 



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