Testimonials from our group members

Discovering there were other women who were keen to share their love of God and our church's rich history and teaching was exactly what I needed to help me nourish my faith. The Catholic Mothers Study group is always refreshing, as there is no pretentiousness, just real women, striving to raise families in the true faith of the church. We can enjoy each others journey and support one another as well.

Donella, London

The Catholic Mothers group is helping me in continuous growth, in my faith through developing a deeper understanding of the riches of the Church's teaching. This is vital for me to share and pass on the faith to my family and most importantly, to my children.

Zdenka, London

This group has helped me grow in my faith, and the prayers and support I have received whilst looking after my sick child through the night has helped me beyond belief. No matter what time it is, you have another Catholic mother ready to pray with you and encourage you, you never feel alone. It really has been a blessing. 

Jaime, UK

This facebook group has supported me in my faith and helped me to better organize my life with God at the center.

Nicole, Germany

Catholic Mothers has helped deepen my faith and shown me that many other mothers struggle with the same things that I do. The support and encouragement from the mothers is like none elsewhere.

Laura, Australia

This is my favourite Catholic facebook group. You guys do a brilliant job adminning it so that it is faithful but also kind; and people are so supportive and helpful. I love the Catholic Mothers Planner and I tell everyone about it. I've ordered loads from your site because up in the Catholic wilderness that is Eastern Scotland we have no good Catholic shops, so you guys have been a lifesaver! 

Lizzie, Scotland

Catholic Mothers has been fundamental in my journey of faith. A safe, supportive place to seek advice and encouragement.

Thank you Catholic Mothers.

Sheila, UK

This group is an amazing network of Pro-Life moms. Offering practical suggestions and supporting one another. Its a great place to be!

Sheril, Saudi Arabia

Fellowship and new friends have formed...to be able to ask a question or request prayer...holding each other...its a real blessing...

Hayley, UK

Catholic Mothers has made me feel part of a network of mothers worldwide, all of us trying to live our lives with God at the centre amid the hustle and bustle and stress of family life! Makes me feel less alone.

Maria, Guernsey

I am truly amazed at the information I have gained from this group. Many of these women are an inspiration. I am so happy to be a part of this community of women helping to learn and spread our faith.

Kathleen, USA

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