Baby. My Story from inside Mommy's Tummy

Baby. My Story from inside Mommy's Tummy (Every Life Is a Gift) Paperback:


 A warm full-of-humor story which reveals to children how they came into this world as well as the amazing transformations they have been through in the first nine months of their lives, namely the months preceding their birth. Speaking directly from womb is Baby himself, an unborn child who is always cheerful and prank-prone. Children will be delighted – and awed – to find out when their heart started beating, when their fingerprints were formed, even when they had their first hiccup –that is BEFORE BIRTH. The simple and profound writing and the snug light illustrations will make anyone – child or adult – want to go through the wonderful pages of this book. “Baby. My Story from inside Mommy's Tummy” is part of the collection “Every Life Is a Gift”. The collection teaches children to treasure each human life as a unique gift from God for the new person and for humanity.

Baby. My Story from inside Mommy's Tummy

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