Together We March, Hardback

'Together We March' was written for ‘such a time as this.’ The authors present the obvious and profound reasons why all life matters in language a child can grasp. Our children are constantly taught in pop culture and schools a view of life that is far from the truth of the Bible. This book is a wonderful resource for teaching young children the simple truth that every life, no matter how small, is a miracle. This book is teaching an important subject that is often challenging to discuss with our young children. Beautifully illustrated with engaging text on every colorful page allows parents, grandparents and teachers to introduce our children to the importance of celebrating every life beginning at the moment of conception. This should be in every family, church and school library.”

Carla D’Addesi, CEO/Chief Designer Culture of Life 1972 Fashion Brand,
Abby Johnson, Author of Unplanned





Together We March, Hardback


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