Tony. A Story about Adoption

Tony. A Story about Adoption (Every life is a gift) Paperback 


This touching story enables parents to explain adoption in the language of a child. “Mommy says an adopted child is very special. He has two mothers. This makes him get twice as much love as other children do,” says Tony, the boy for whom the adoptive mother’s heart became his second birthplace. Just like other adopted children, Tony has many questions and anxieties to which his parents lovingly answer: he wants to know how he came into the world, how he ended up in the family, why he doesn’t look like the other family members. The sensitive words and charming illustrations create a tender atmosphere for children as well as those whose lives have been blessed though adoption. This book is a very useful tool for adoptive parents, adopted children and their adoptive siblings as well as for all those who want to understand what adoption really is, namely LOVE. “TONY. A Story about Adoption” is part of the collection “Every Life Is a Gift”. The collection teaches children to treasure each human life as a unique gift from God for the new person and for humanity.

Tony. A Story about Adoption

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