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The mission that we have been entrusted, as women, is incredibly important and at times very difficult, in this world that often rejects motherhood.


Many women today despise being associated with qualities that are intrinsic to motherhood, kindness, gentleness, patience, obedience… and would rather be called strong, assertive, independent and successful! But why is it that ‘our’ nature is under such attack? It was through a Woman that the redeemer came into the world… it was through a Woman that our Lord was Incarnate! It was the Woman that crushed the serpent’s head! That’s why! We are called to look at the Virgin Mary and inspired by her femininity succeed in our motherhood. Whether you have ten children, five, one or none… we are ALL called to motherhood, to have the same loving nature as Our Lady and to learn to love Christ though her, following her to the foot of Cross.


The fight is hard, but we are not alone, God is with us! This website is for you!


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