What makes a Catholic Mothers group

Our groups are hubs of prayer and formation for Catholic mothers, where mothers share, learn and are renewed in their vocation. 

We really welcome all the big questions in our groups, as we journey together closer to the Truth. Every group will be unique, but the unity of our faith holds us together.

Facilitating life-giving conversations

We need you to be a part of our movement for strengthening women in their vocation and reminding them of the beauty of being a wife and mother.

All of our groups need facilitators who can host the study and conversations that take place at our group meetings. If you have a heart for supporting women in their vocation and a love for Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church, then we would love to collaborate with you.

We have group facilitators and not group leaders because our groups respond to a need and our facilitators have been called to serve that need. Why not find out a bit more about our story and our values to see if we could collaborate?

How we support group facilitators

Being a facilitator doesn’t take a lot of work and we will be available to support you all the way.

We are happy to get any resources that you need for your group and can advise on what resources are appropriate to use at every step of your group’s journey.

We can help you to find the right venue for your group, through our network of members and connections in the Church.

You can sell any of our merchandise and keep part of the profit for your group, to buy whatever your group needs (if you sell the Catholic Mothers UK planner, you can keep 40% of the sales).

When we invite speakers, we can organise to bring them to your local group.

We are available to chat whenever you need.

Let's collaborate

If you want to start a group where you are, we would love to connect with you! Get in touch and we will make time to speak with you in person.


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