What happens

No two groups are the same as each host brings something different and each group meets the needs of their members, but all our groups follow a similar format.

Children welcome

It is totally normal for us to have our children with us at our meetings and we always create a space for them where they can play together. This can mean that some of our sessions are more productive than others but that is the reality of motherhood and we always receive something!

Start with a prayer

We always start with prayer, putting Christ at the centre of our meeting and asking Him to guide our time together. 

Hospitality is key

Food and drinks in a comfortable space are key to people feeling welcome, so our groups always include this. Depending on the time of day that the group meets, this could be breakfast or lunch, and providing food can be a job which is shared by rota.

Growing in faith together

Our groups are primarily a place for mothers to grow in their faith together, so the groups often centre around a book study of some kind. This should be an informal time of discussion among friends about relevant faith topics, guided by discussion questions. Here, people can share as much or as little as they want. The group ends with prayer and this should be after about an hour and a half of being together.

What people say about our groups

'Discovering that there were other women who were keen to share their love of God and our church's rich history and teaching was exactly what I needed to help me nourish my faith. The Catholic Mothers Study group is always refreshing, as there is no pretentiousness, just real women, striving to raise families in the true faith of the church.'



The Catholic Mothers group is helping me in continuous growth in my faith, through developing a deeper understanding of the riches of the Church's teaching. This is vital for me to share and pass on the faith to my family and most importantly, to my children.



'This group has helped me grow in my faith, and the prayers and support I have received whilst looking after my sick child through the night has helped me beyond belief. No matter what time it is, you have another Catholic mother ready to pray with you and encourage you, you never feel alone. It really has been a blessing.'



Our groups

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Find your group

To find out if there is a group in your area, get in touch with us and we will connect you to your local Catholic Mothers group, or help you to set one up!

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